Melissa Hew

I am a senior majoring  Environmental Studies , minoring in Marine Biology and International Development. I’m originally from Montego Bay , Jamaica.

“Life , LIberty and the pursuit of Happiness” these are the fundamental rights this nation was founded on. Although written  in the Declaration of Independence, a seemingly  large portion of the population is struggling to pursue happiness.

This is evident in the many cases of depression and the countless antidepressant drugs being developed and prescribed.

My interest  in this project lies in the connection between happiness and health , both mental and physical health.  Although our  mental and physical well-being  affects our happiness and vice versa, happiness is often overlooked as a realistic remedy for many of the ailments that plague american communities today.

I am also interested in the connection between happiness and social/ economic development. I am of the opinion that  happy people are productive people and productive people make for smooth functioning communities and societies.

Finally, New Orleans and on a larger scale Louisiana are not “Anywehere, USA”  places. There is a unique culture thriving here. It will be interesting to explore the connection between  people, place and happiness.


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